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Academic eSports is continuing to grow and become more common in schools across the country. Students of all backgrounds are attracted to eSports for a variety of reasons. Evidence has shown that academic eSports can benefit students overall academic performance and social-emotional learning.

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Dew-El provides turn-key service, including pre-design consultation with students and staff, design presentations, selection of furnishings, project management, installation, and ongoing support. The benefits of esports range from improved critical thinking, problem solving skills, stress relief, to muscular coordination. As esports continues to grow and gain momentum in K-12 environments, school leaders are looking to create trial programs in their schools. It is important that these leaders understand this does not need to be done all at once and can be modified over time as the program expands. A dedicate, inviting space can help students gain excitement, motivation, and inspiration.

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Many educators assume a regular PC can handle esports, but high-quality monitors, keyboards, and controllers, and PCs designed exclusively for gaming are crucial to a successful esports program

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